Do you have a screen shot to share after installation?

My Mac does not let FaceTime use any other app for phoning, which is exactly what I need. Does this feature override the FaceTime settings and let me use the soft phone I want to use - or does it just display a set of telephone numbers from the calendar automatically. If I had a screen shot (animated) it would be perfect and I can judge how to continue.

The description of the TelehoneProvider app in the app store describes exactly what it is doing “This app checks your contacts for telephone numbers and provides tel: links in the Nextcloud Contacts Menu”

I’m personally not using MacOS, but as far as I understood Facetime should be used by default if clicking on a tel: link:

Great thanks for quick reply - I’ll check out this one: RCDefaultApp.

I am just trying to think what I would need this app for. I know I am just a user - no programmer at all but I have ideas what to use the apps and Nextcloud for, which is a bit on the edge from what it can do I suppose. I blame that for stupid questions!

Many thanks again!