Do I need to upgrade to a later version of NCP?

Currently I am using NCP with NC version 16.0.3
NextCloudPi version v1.28.1
NextCloudPi image NextCloudPi_07-21-19

In NC, under Settings>Administration>Overview I see…

Should I / Can I safely upgrade?

What is the best path forward?

Use nc-update-nextcloud in ncp-web or ncp-config to update to 17.0.4 first, after which you can do same procedure to update to 18.0.7

Do not try to skip versions, it has been reported to cause issues.

1st run; replace the 0 in the version field of updater by 17.0.4
2nd run; replace 17.0.4 with 0 or 18.0.7 to update to latest version.

Thank you! Do you know if incremental upgrades can be accomplished from the command line with ncp-update?

ncp-config gives access to the same apps as ncp-web, it just looks different. Results should be the same.


Unclear what you mean by incremental upgrades and there is no ncp-update listed afaik.
nc-update; updates ncp to the latest version (v1.28.1 currently), should be set to auto.

Thanks again for your help. When using ncp-config, updates, nc-update-nextcloud, how can I enter the version i.e. 17.0.4?

The next screen; after hitting “I understand”, will allow you to enter the version you want to update to.

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