DNS issue with ios Talk app


Has anyone notice this behavior with the ios talk app where it cannot connect to the nextcloud server via dns name? On my ios devices, the actual IP address has to be entered but my android and windows devices can use the dns name.

The interesting thing is that the regular nextcloud ios cloud app can connect with the dns name on the same ios device.

This is all behind the firewall where the server sits using local dns server (pfsense). The nextcloud server is using https.

It might be possible that this is an IPv4/IPv6 issue. If you can successfully access your server over the Internet using IPv4 alhtough IPv6 is enabled too, it might be worse to disable IPv6 on your router.

Nextcloud Talk iOS app follows Apple’s ATS, so might be that your server doesn’t fulfill all the ATS requirements.


Thanks, that sounds about right since my server is internal and has a self-signed cert. It was built without ATS in mind.

@codifl you can use a self-signed certificate. Just be sure that it is correctly setup and you fulfill every ATS requirement.

@codifil - were you successful in this? I’m having the same problem and have played with TLS and ciphers and such with a self-signed certificate to no avail. I even tried to connect by IP address, which the ATS requirements say are exempt, but got the standard “the site you are trying to access is using a self-signed certificate” (not exact wording) “do you want to continue” and when I said YES, I got the “NextCloud Server Not Found”. Like you, I have no trouble connecting to the plain NextCloud App on iPhone.


– Karl –

Sorry if it’s bad form to followup on my own post. I am able to connect to the server using the NextCloud App, and although the form factors is ugly, able to use Talk from a connection within Safari, text, voice and video. However, when I use the NextCloud App itself, it fails to find the server.

As an experiment, I also put everything into a “.local” domain thinking that might bypass the Apple ATS, but that doesn’t seem to have improved the situation.