DLNA server within Nextcloud

A way for Nextcloud to act as a DLNA server so any smartTV / media player could play media files hosted by Nextcloud would be great. Right now, the only option is to install a server (such as minidlna) alongside Nextcloud, have it maintain its own file indexes, database, directory structure, configuration and pray that it does not interfere with Nextcloud.

Most probably, it would make sense to have it as an app. I wonder if a wrapper for minidlna would not be enough (and since dlna is well tested, efficient (it even works on routers), this would be a good choice).

Anybody else feels inspired by such a thing?


Hi, It would be amazing!
Also add an option to stream offline music on smartphone music apps :wink:
Cheers and thanks for the work, Nextcloud Community and Developpers :wink:

Just install minidlna

There seems to be a few ways to get this to work on Nextcloud, a quick web-search reveals multiple suggestions, (example Getting the rights right for DLNA) which are going to work for some people, and won’t for others due to varying configurations. Example, I use the Nextcloud Snap installation on an Ubuntu Server Raspberry Pi v4 with one USB HDD storing my nextcloud data. Since Snap installations of Nextcloud runs as root, I made the miniDLNA user part of the root group!

This is not secure in my mind, but was a quick and dirty way of getting it to work. And the miniDLNA service crashes occasionally, so I have a cronjob set to restart the service daily. I think a better way for this to work, if at all possible, is for the function to be built in to Nextcloud. This may be a low priority for the developers since this is a more home-user type request, and Nextcloud is maybe primarily built as an enterprise solution.

It is for all the above reasons that I find comments like the one above really unhelpful, like people who post lmgtfy links. They add nothing but negativity to the conversation; the implied message is “do it yourself and if you’re too thick to figure it out, hard luck.”

Since I’m not a programmer, I am relying on the goodwill of developers, who know more than me to implement this in the future. I, among others, would really, really appreciate it!

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Linked to: DLNA Server · Issue #15362 · nextcloud/server · GitHub