Display Upload Date for Files in Web Interface

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Is there a possibility to display the upload date besides the modified date in the Webinterface of the File Plugin? This would be great for sorting in shared folders.

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Hi Devs,

I concur with this request (and for the app too). I get very often new pictures which are older than the ones already stored in the folder and so i never know which ones are the new ones.

Since this topic is old I like to refresh it - there were a lot of changes since first post.

Is there a possibility to personally adapt something like that. It is really annoying missing new pics.

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Hi Devs,

A short answer would be really nice.
Probably there is a possibility and it might be helpful to other users searching for an answer.


Hi Devs ,

I am wondering why this topic is still ignored.

Are there any obvious reasons I unfortunatly do not get at all?


You can search the issues on https://github.com/nextcloud/server or open an issue.

Hi @devnull ,

Thanks for clearance. I made a new Issue on github since I did not find anything similar using in:title Upload Date , Display Upload, Sort Upload

Thanks for fast reply.

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Hi devs,

added Feature in the app too: