Display problem in web file viewer + regular failure in file upload


I’m facing several issue since few days. I’m running NC19 on a rock64 sbc, based on nextcloudpi, using mainly one user, connected from 2 main windows computers, one at work, one at home. I’ve got 10 GB of doc + 1.2TB of photos. On both I used two sync folder, to have data on 2 different HDD (for storage convenience)
On my work computer (laptop), photos are on an external drive. Consequence is that my windows client sometimes don’t find the photo folder when I’m moving my laptop. I used to work like this for months.
But a few days ago (not far away after my NC18 to NC19 migration), 300GB of photo where lost, even in the trashbin of NC.
I used my external hard drive copy to restore it, but the copy began to be very slow. Moreover the display of the web interface began to look like this :

The rest of NC looks ok (parameter, etc). The resynchronisation of data seemed to be better after updating both client to 3.0.1, and a regular reboot of apache, mysql and phpfpm service on the server make data transfers ok. But having to reboot processes regularly seems to be a shitty workaround

I think something wrong, but I don’t really know where to look.

Sorry. No real idea.

But i think the folder “.Contacts-Backup” (sorry no idea if needed) is under

I think it is the wrong position.
Perhaps with “php occ files:scan --all” there are now visible in nextcloud.

Perhaps you can move them back in other folder outside nextcloud-data and rescan all.

This folder is ok, the shot is here to illustrate the display mistake, like the warning message about file size.

I search a little bit in nextcloud logfile in the web interface, I saw this :
Error cssresourceloader Could not find resource search/css/results.css to load
Warning core Failed to compile and/or save /var/www/nextcloud/core/search/css/results.scss
I’ve got the results.scss but I don’t know where I can find the results.css (without an S).

I also see there are lots of error =/

I managed to solved part of some error, specialy the display ones. It came from the harddrive where data are located, that contains some mistake.
I did a :

sudo e2fsck -vfy /dev/sda1

v for verbose, f for force and y for answering yes to all question. sda1 is my partition.

Some error prevent the OS and NC to write on the disk, making impossible to use for files.