Dismissing notifications?

I am (very happily) using NC (currently 17.02) on our local server (deployed via docker) but one thing that annoys me is that for all contacts that have a birthday set in NC, there is a local notification from the desktop client. So far so good, however, there is no way from the desktop to dismiss these notifications, so they re-appear every ~30 minutes until I log into NC and dismiss them manually there.

Is there some way to dismiss them via the desktop app? I like to be notified of birthdays but not 17 times in a row for birthdays that are weeks old…

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Personally I have never seen such notifcation.
Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the desktop notification?
Which notification apps do you have enabled server side?

This is an example of a notification, which will now pop up every ~30-60 minutes.


Actually, I just have found a possibility to dismiss them by just deleting the event from the app. Somehow I did not see that option there before… :dizzy_face:

How did you delete the event? Changing code? Which client version is it? Latest v2.6.2 from hallows eve?

As simple as going into the client app and deleting the notification via the X. In retrospective, I cannot think of why I did not see the option there…

Never had such notifications …

Would be nice you would share your settings.

I have enabled these apps but did not enable any special notification.

Accessibility	1.3.0	Official	
Activities for shared file downloads, visible to all admins	1.6.0		
Activity	2.10.1	Official	
Brute-force settings	1.4.0	Official	
Calendar	1.7.2	Official	
Collaborative tags	1.7.0	Official	
Comments	1.7.0	Official	
Contacts	3.1.6	Official	
Deleted files	1.7.0	Official	
External storage support	1.8.0	Official	
Federation	1.7.0	Official	
File sharing	1.9.0	Official	
First run wizard	2.6.0	Official	
Full text search	1.3.6		
Full text search - Elasticsearch Platform	1.4.0		
Gallery	18.4.0	Official	
Log Reader	2.2.0	Official	
Monitoring	1.7.0	Official	
Nextcloud announcements	1.6.0	Official	
Notifications	2.5.0	Official	
Password policy	1.7.0	Official	
PDF viewer	1.6.0	Official	
Privacy	1.1.0	Official	
Recommendations	0.5.0	Official	
Right click	0.15.1	Official	
Share by mail	1.7.0	Official	
Social sharing via email	1.0.6	Official	
Support	1.0.1	Official	
Text	1.1.1	Official	
Theming	1.8.0	Official	
Update notification	1.7.0	Official	
Usage survey	1.5.0	Official	
Versions	1.10.0	Official	
Video player	1.6.0	Official	
Viewer	1.2.0	Official
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This affects all calendar events/alarms.

I have the same issue if someome assigns me a Deck Task, even if I dismiss that in the browser and notification panel. the Client always let the notification reappear.