Disk Space full, but using local minio with 1.8TB Space

Hello guys,

currently I have a huge problem with my free space in nextcloud. I am getting all the time the message. “Your space is full”, also all the other users of the same nextcloud are getting this message. But currently in minio there is just 125GB Space used.

I searched already the other topics for similar problems, but didn’t found any solution for my problem with minio.

Does anyone has the same issues with this installation and/or can somebody help me out with this?

Installed version: Nextcloud Hub 7 (28.0.2)

Thank you so far.

Can you show the actual used space on your system?

df -h

And can you check if the cronjobs are running correctly, you can see that in the Administration menu in the basic settings (the background jobs clean the trash and versions) when they run for the last time.

Yes I can send some information about this system:



If you have the an unlimited default quota set, try changing it for one of the problematic accounts to something rather large (like 1 TiB). If the problem disappears for that account, it’s a know bug specific to v28 and covered elsewhere here. There also a bug report linked elsewhere.

Could be that an older synchronization process is not yet finished and therefore the “Disk full” error message appears.

Had this a couple of times.

Well I just added now hardly defined spaces for each user and not it is working perfectly. So yes seems to be the bug with the unlimited space.

And you have S3 or external mounts?

Or is there another bug? Please leave a reference and mark the reference as answer, so other users can easily follow up.