Discourse Plugin for Backups to Nextcloud Provider

My teammate an me from the Rails Girls Summer of Code we built plugins for Discourse. Now you can do backups to different providers. One of the plugins also connects you to your Nextcloud provider:
Discourse Sync To Nextcloud
Check it out if you want and also give us some feedback please.



@jospoortvliet look at this :smiley:

@jan saw it and is very excited and pushing sysadmin to install this app on our Nextcloud server to backup this forum with it - clearly a match made in heaven!

@kajatiger I understand Jan bribed you or somebody from your team to give a lightning talk at the Nextcloud conference, correct?

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Yup, it would be very cool if we can actually use it for our own Discourse forum here to back it up to our own Nextcloud instance. :slight_smile: cc our security expert @LukasReschke about that – of course we have to test it first and all, maybe the conference is a good place for that. :slight_smile: