Disabling Unnecessary Services

Finally getting to “put together” my new Ubuntu Server box that will house my NC system. In preparing the box for NC, I’m doing some housekeeping and right now, I’m in the process of disabling unnecessary services in Ubuntu. Has anyone done this? Might you have a list of services that can be disabled without negatively impacting NC or the OS?

Disregard this. After seeing what services were enabled vs. what services I would be using for NC, most of the services that come enabled are going to be left the way that they are.

apport and atd were the only two Services that I disabled. For anyone interested in knowing what exactly I did here:

List the state of Services controlled by System V - piped to more:

service --status-all |more

Disable Service (ie apport):

sudo systemctl disable apport.service

If this doesn’t work, then you need to mask the Service:

systemctl mask apport.service

And to be complete, if you would like to reenable the Service:

systemctl unmask apport.service
sudo systemctl enable apport.service