Disabling resharing

Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.5):
Operating system and version Debian 8:
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PHP version (eg, 7.1): 7.1

Just a simple question.
we are planning to disable the resharing feature cause there’s a real issue when users use it extensively.
We have several cases of no longer active users that own some folders reshared several times and is a pain to reroute the

Is there a way to disable resharing in the user shares by default? like un-ticking the feature by default in the sharing menu?


If we disable resharing, The current reshares will dissapear? Is there a possibility to restrict the groups than can reshare?

Thats it.


Uncheck “Allow resharing” in Admin settings.



I think you will find out when you disable the feature :wink: like @ThomasMarx wrote.

Unfortunately not. The only option going slightly into that direction is: “Exclude groups from sharing”, which means you could enter a group name here and users in these groups are not allowed to share anything at all.
Here are all the available sharing options:

I can’t risk messing with the current shares coz our users could build a guillotine for us…
I’ll set up a test enviroment to test.

That’s unconvenient.
I’m posting a feature request about that. I think is quite necessary since a rogue resharing chain could do a lot of harm and the feature itself is quite useful.

Good idea! Could you post a link to the feature request here then? I would like to support that feature request.

When you find out about what happens with existing re-shares when you forbid re-sharing, please let us know here as well. I’m very curious about that.



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Hello All,

this Answer i need too. In our Organization we want to disable the reshare-option but i don’t know what happens with the existing reshared links. Have someone testet it