Disabling LDAP User Cleanup


I was wondering, how to disable the LDAP User Cleanup?
According to docs, there are two prerequisites to make it work:

  1. Set ldapUserCleanupInterval in config.php to your desired check
    interval in minutes. The default is 51 minutes.


So, if ldapUserCleanupInterval is not set in config.php it’s disabled?
If I’m wrong, please enlighten me how to disable it :slight_smile:


I did some tests on this topic, but unfortunately I somehow wasn’t able to disable the LDAP User Cleanup at all.
I really need some advice on

.) whether it’s possible to disable the LDAP User Cleanup completely
.) and if it’s possible, how to disable it

I know, that this sounds a bit like a weird request, but I “inherited” this “problem” from another contractor who got fired by my customer a few months ago.

Thanks a lot for any tips/hints/advice on this issue!!

Can you explain why you need to disable it? It says in the documentation that you can set it to ‘0’ to disable it:


The other option is just to disable their account in LDAP (but not delete it).

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Thanks a lot for the hint - I was just looking at this part of the admin manual.

Guess this makes it a classic case of “PEBKAC” on my side :wink: