Disabling Apache2 reqtimeout_module, bad idea/drawbacks?

I’m trying to tune/optimize my NC for large file transfers (and I’m a bit new to Nextcloud configurations).

I’ve been using my main php.ini (php v8.1) to set max file sizes and max execution time etc. Seems to work well. However my Apache2 config may also interfere with these dimensions, for example by the reqtimeout_module.

I’m not aware of how to config that module, yet, but I’m researching it.
In the meantime I found info that says I might just disable the reqtimeout_module, leaving PHP in (probably) full control over upload file sizes and execution time limitations.

My questions is: Are there any noteworthy downsides/side-effects to disabling the reqtimeout_module that I should be aware of?

For example is Nextcloud utilizing the reqtimeout_module for other tasks?
Can reqtimeout_module help for example with closing down PHP scripts or processes that might get hung up or frozen every once in a while?

I am using Apache2 only for Nextcloud/Webdav, nothing else, and that won’t change in the overseeable future. I’m on Ubuntu Server 22.10, self-installed NC.

Thank you for any advice/opinions.