Disable wrong password timeout after 3 tries in iOS

I have nextcloud:apache (v27.1.3) running in a server behind a nginx proxy.

I have also installed Nextcloud on my iphone 8 and have the latest app version.
I enabled the Lock feature. If, for some reason, I fail 3 times in the unlock screen, I get a timeout for 60s with the following message:

Failed attempts, please wait
x seconds

Where x starts at 60.

I would like to disable this if it’s possible but not sure where this configuration can be changed.


please see here or search the forum for security:bruteforce:reset

kind regards

I never input passwords in Android Nextcloud App. Only at first time.

This did not solve my problem

I will disable the Lock feature but it would be great to configure how many tries the Lock feature allows.

You are the only one getting error messages and knowing what happens. We can’t see anything.
If you need a solution you have to be more especific. What happend? Why is the article no helping. What have you done?

Please let me know

I don’t think you can disable the 60-second delay after entering your password incorrectly multiple times, but…

  • …you could use a PIN instead of a password, which is easier to get right on the first try

  • …you could use Face Unlock / Fingerprint if your device supports it

  • …you could disable the Lock feature altogether and not leave the phone lying around unlocked and not let other people use it :wink:

I followed the solution in the article you sent me.

I get the same problem: 60s lock after 3 failed unlock tries.

I have provided a video here (expires in 2 days) of what happens in my iPhone.

I just disabled it for now, thank you.