Disable threading

It should be possible to disable threading, as it is now we can’t use this email app.

it’s not possible to disable threading.

mind to elaborate why threading makes the app unusable?

Most email clients have the option to enable or disable threading. Many people prefer the more traditional approach over threaded messages. Itś about your preferred workflow to be efficient.

It’s nice that you try to keep it simple, however the mail client seems to lack som basic features.

  • Enable/disable threaded messages
  • Hide and enable/disable priority inbox
  • The first message icon and the close navigation button is overlapping


I also do not like threading, too. +1 to your post.

Perhaps threading is an agile and hyped feature.
And it is ok that is there and a lot of user like it.

to all users:
But the problem is that nowadays something like this is set as a standard and alternatives simply cannot or should not exist. Nobody needs a second videoconferencing system. Microsoft Teams still exists and works great for all users of the word. Microsoft defines the $tandards. And users who do not like them are not agil or modern. They are only stupid or are considered stupid.

I would also appreciate it if these two features would be implemented. Especially the second one with the not hideable priority Inbox bothers me a lot, if I’m honest :wink: But I wouldn’t call the client unusable in its current state. And I could get by with it for the few occasions where I rely on web mail.

But I have to say that if web mail would be my primary way to handle emails, I would prefer Roundcube over Nextcloud Mail any day. UI wise it’s not perfect, but it has all the features mentioned and more. And since it is already installed by default on my Mail-in-a-box server, I use that, if I need access to my mails from a browser. :wink:

I also like Roundcube.
But i use actually the normal Roundcube outside Nextcloud.
This is probably because I don’t need everything in one application.

Yeah me too. But I rarely work with the files, mails, whatever, directly in the browser anyways. Therefore, many of these issues do not really affect me in day-to-day usage. In fact I often have to login first and see for my self, when somebody asks about things regarding the webUI of Nextcloud in the forums… :wink:

So to sum up you want us to add those customizations but you also don’t want to use the app? :speak_no_evil:

Add your :+1:s to https://github.com/nextcloud/mail/issues/5913 and https://github.com/nextcloud/mail/issues/3265.


To the second one isn’t possible :+1: due to “This conversation has been locked as too heated and limited to collaborators.”…

Thanks for the notice.

Maybe my post came across wrong and I should have worded it differently…

I just wanted to express that I think it would be a benefit for the app if these things could be hidden / turned off. I know at least that if I were to use the Nextcloud Mail app as my main email app, that I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:

And yes for the above reasons it doesn’t really affect me, which is probably not relevant and I could have left that part out. But I guess I’m just a chatty person sometimes… :wink:

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