Disable Talk Video Conferencing

Our team has moved to a different video conferencing tool, so we want to disable the video feature so that we can just have the talk chat service. Is this doable?


You can perhaps delete or deactivate STUN/TURN - configuration.

Read Disable video call - justa allow chat feature - #18 by henry

Not our target atm which is why the issue is not resolved yet:

This is a missing feature vs. a feature request.

We offer different plans, two without video but includes talk.

This should have been an option from version 1.

You’re always free to implement features you think should have priority and send a PR.

In this case, just wait for the next version: Allow to disable calling functionality by nickvergessen · Pull Request #7043 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub

If you can offer plans, you could also help and sponsor the feature development.

Great way to recruit sponsorship [INSERT SARCASM HERE]

We disabled the Talk feature in-house.

We “sponsored” our own development lol.