Disable System Address Book WITHOUT OCC

So we are using aapanel on the server it is not possible to Run OCC as ODD requires you run it as its owner, but a panel security does not allow you to impersonate users. So obviously the Contacts system violates European privacy laws (exposing contact details to users who do not know each other, as we are using it to distribute media between clients) so I need to turn it off, so how do I turn this off without OCC.

Or is there a way to rewrite the OCC file so it will run simply as the root user (because lets be fair, ther should not be anything the servers root user cant run)

I mean OCC is writing these values somewhere, so where is it writing too so I can simply directly make these changes.

The usual process, that works for most webhosting panels, is to create an ssh user for the webhosting account and run occ from it.

It seems strange to me that aaPanel does not provide such an option.

occ may alter the configuration file and therefore has a check for the permissions.

I assume it should work to change the configuration file owner temporarily to root as well and run occ. In general if you run occ as root everything is executed as root and the webserver, that is using a different user usually, might be unable to change the files then. That’s the reason for the check.

The check itself is in console.php. Would also work to just comment the lines.

occ config:app:set dav system_addressbook_exposed --value="no"

The above command would add a new row or modify an existing one in the database table oc_appconfig.

appid = dav
configkey = system_addressbook_exposed
configvalue = no