Disable setting "add new Mail-Account"

we have integrated the mail app into the Nextcloud of our school (900 users).
We have specified the school mail account for all users via the admin mail settings. Works!

Now, however, the students are integrating external accounts (GMX, Hotmail, …) via IMAP, which the data protection officer at the school see as critical.

Could this option be activated / deactivated in the new version using the global setting as admin?

Further problems:

  1. The groups from the app “Circels” are not available in the mail app Sending New Mail “TO”.
  2. When I click on “Send Mail” in the “Contacts” app, the mail app does not open, but my external mail program.
  3. The useres and groups are not available in the mail app Sending New Mail “TO” (see older thread).

Best regards

Maybe @ChristophWurst can comment here?

Hi Patrick,

this feature request makes sense. You may open a ticket for this at https://github.com/nextcloud/mail/issues/new?assignees=&labels=enhancement%2C+0.+to+triage&template=feature_request.md&title=, though we won’t have any resources to add such a feature at the moment.

If you know anyone who’s a developer and could help with this let us know.


Thanks @rakekniven. I’m actually subscribed to all new topics here so I get a notification anyway. I just try not to work on the weekends, that is why I’m sometimes slow with my responses :slight_smile:

Ok, try to remember that next time :wink:

I can understand that well

Did anyone already open a feature request for that? I need this feature, too.

I don’t think so.