Disable scanning files in the device


I use NextCloud 3.13.1 on Android 10.
When I upload music on the phone, I receive lots of notification from NexCloud indicating that there are new images on the device (the album covers).
I understand that NexCloud should work in background to verify changes in my cloud storage, but I don’t want to let it spy documents on the device, affecting the battery life.
I don’t need auto-upload or things like that.
I didn’t find the parameter to disable the ‘scan files on device’ function. Can you tell me where it is?


The notification can be expanded offering a disable option for this feature. Beware that we don’t spy on your files or scan anything, Android itself indexes the files on your device. The app just sends a query to the media index and if news files have been indexed notifies the user. So disabling this will just remove the notifications.

https://github.com/nextcloud/android/pull/7042 is a work in progress to ignore folders like music albums with cover art entirely.