Disable recovery key does not show in 13.0.1

Nextcloud version 13.0.1:
Operating system and version latest nextcloud/docker:

The issue you are facing:

I have two nextcloud 13.0.1, the first one was upgraded from nextcloud 12 and shows the Disable recovery key entry in the /settings/admin/encryption page.

The other was upgraded from nextcloud 13.0.0 and does not show the Disable recovery key entry in the /settings/admin/encryption page.

I assume this happens because something is not activated somewhere but … where ?

Thanks in advance!

Soooo if I understand the above bug report correctly, what it means is that this legacy complexity from 12 disapeared in 13, reason why I can’t find it. Right?

But if that’s the case I’m also confused by the presence of a big warning after a password reset, telling me the files won’t be decrypted. And the fact that I don’t see the Enabling this option will allow you to reobtain access to your encrypted files in case of password loss in the /settings/user/security page.

I ignored the scary message and changed the password. After loging in the files can still be read. Could this be a leftover?

No they cannot. Only the hierarchy can be navigated (reason why I thought all was ok) but the content of the files cannot be read.

Reading the documentation clarified how it works.