Disable periodic writes to apps.json

Nextcloud version: 28.0.4
Operating system and version: Debian 12
PHP version: 8.2

Hi all,
I was wondering why my hdd spins up every 24h without anyone accessing it, so I protocolled file accesses and found out nextcloud is writing to nextcloud_data/appdata_xxxxxxxx/appstore/apps.json every 24h. This write always wakes up my hdd. I though it was the updatechecker, so I disabled it in the config by setting 'updatechecker' => false, but that did not change anything. Is there any way to avoid these daily writes to that file?

Alternatively, I imagine it would make sense to put that file not in the nextcloud_data partition, but the nextcloud system partition. I think, my setup is somewhat common for many nextcloud users: System on SSD, Data on HDD. Is this the right place for such a proposal, or should this rather go to the github issues?

I guess, I found a solution: Setting has_internet_connection to false. However, to get updates, I have to manually set it to true before. I think, a config parameter to set the update check interval, e.g. to weekly would be nice.