Disable NFC access on Android for Nextcloud & Talk apps

Is there a way to disable the “Control Near Field Communication” permission on the Android Nextcloud (& Talk) app?

Disabling NFC in it’s entirety is not ideal

No such permission exists in app settings as far as I can find. Check on your Android app settings for each app.

You will need an additional app / modification to your device that will grant you fine tuned permissions control over both apps. Such changes usually require rooting and alternative phone roms your handset may support.

The issue I am attempting to overcome is that the Nextcloud app detects NFC cards within my wallet. This causes Nextcloud apps to trigger Android NFC notification; very annoying.

OK, then you can report it to the developer repos for the nextcloud and talk repos for Android. They offer zero support guarantees, so understand they owe us nothing.

They might make the permission changes. In the end it is up to us to turn them on and off.