Disable mobile view in Nextcloud Office (own CODE server)

For a couple of months now when I open a word document on my iPad it is opened in a mobile view (and dark theme) that I have difficulties working with. Opening it on a desktop computer prompts the classic view that I am used to and that provides more functions that I rely on. Is there a way to disable mobile view on my iPad? I can’t find any setting in nextcloud office nor the CODE server (hosted in a docker instance on the same server). I am also not sure if this is a Nextcloud Office or Collabora issue.

Nextcloud version is 27.01 (docker).
CODE server version is (separate docker)

Help is much appreciated.

Are you talking about in a standard mobile web browser or in the Nextcloud Files client?


When opening .odt-files on desktop I have another editor. I had the same editor (desktop editor) when opening .odt/.doc(x)-files on my tablet until a couple of months ago.