Disable encryption

I need to disable serverside encryption because it produces an unresolved error on two of my installations.

Unfortunately, I cannot use

occ encryption:decrypt-all

like suggested in the docs, because it produces errors as well.

So, I was wondering if I could do this:

  1. Put everything on Nextcloud into one folder
  2. Use
occ encryption:disable

to disable the encryption module
3. Duplicate the folder on my local installation (laptop) after the encryption is disabled, so that the duplicated folder gets re-uploaded like a new folder.
4. Delete the original folder from Nextcloud and the local installation, as it would create errors in the Nextcloud web interface after finishing to re-upload.

My assumptions are:

  • everything that gets re-uploaded after disabling the encryption is automatically not encrypted, therefore not producing any error
  • even if I disable serverside encryption, files on my local laptop can be accessed
  • the sharing information (e.g. outside links) stay the same

Would this work? Or am I missing something?

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I described them in another thread and found quite a few other people in forums with similar problems, but not solution, so let’s not get into that again.

If I cannot solve the issue, I will need to move away from Nextcloud, so I was hoping my workaround mentioned above could work?