Disable code integrity check

After recovering from a miserably failed automatic upgrade by restoring a backup, and then trying a manual upgrade, I had to fix the .htaccess file again to make it work correctly. Apache says “Options are not allowed here” so I commented out the two lines that used Options.

Now Nextcloud always shows the message “Bei der Code-Integritätsprüfung sind Probleme aufgetreten.” at the top of each page. A listing shows that the .htaccess file was modified and two extra files in cgi-bin were found. That is correct and totally required to make Nextcloud work at all.

Can I get rid of this check? Alternatively, can I teach it that what it found was not unexpected but correct and necessary?

This is Nextcloud 13.0.2 on Ubuntu 16.04.

Yes: Modify /config/config.php and set

'integrity.check.disabled' => true,

That’s all.

Setting that did not work for me on NC14 or NC15. Is it possible that NC forces integrity checks now?

With all my respect, maybe this is a bad approach?
Why to disable code integrity check ?

In this topic mention a different solution

Thank you.