Disable app signature checking temporary

Hello to everyone,

I am asking myself if there is a possibility to disable the checking of app signatures temporarily.

Currently, it is possible to sign any app when developing it. Once, a signed version of an app is installed, any future installations need to be signed as well.

Is there a possibility to disable this check either for one app or globally temporarily?

Let me give you a reason for my request:
I am maintaining currently two apps on the app store that are not signed. I would be willing to sign them but this will cause trouble during debugging the apps. If we need to track down an issue and change the code base of the app to test if this helps or just to print some logging, the core will (to my understanding) reject the app. So, all I could do is to issue a new version that will hopefully fix the issue. But it makes things harder.
The easiest would be to disable the check, modify the file, run the check, restore the original file, and reenable the checks.

I hope this is the best forum to post this topic/request.