Disable app authentication

Hey guys great NC 11 is out!! Awesome new features! Anyone by chance already figured out how to turn off the auth on enabling/disabling apps?

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It’s not limited to enabling apps, it pops up for me when attempting to change many settings, but I like it. Maybe one for @LukasReschke

This is expected behaviour. However, the password should only be requested all thirty minutes and be cached then. This security check appears on many security related settings, including disabling or enabling apps. (updating apps does however not require a password check)

Good feature, however it shows up everytime I want to enable or disable apps and it loops, seems the password is wrong, though I’ve checked it many times.


Can you try to relogin and see if that solves it? If yes, this seems like a bug. Also what userbackend are you using?

Already tried that, no joy. So far its only on disabling apps. Logs dont show anything related, only got a few entries info about another app.

Using Ubuntu 16.04, Nextcloud VM