Disable Activity app access for users

Is it possible to hide or disable the “Activities” icon for other users?

Why? What’s your goal? Does it bother a particular user? He shouldn’t make such a fuss. Tell him that you can still see what he’s doing in the logs, and only he won’t see he’s activities anymore, after you remove the icon. :wink:

To your actual question:

  1. You could disable the Activities app, but that will obviously remove the activities for all users.

  2. Maybe you can remove the logo somehow with the Custom Menu or Custom CSS app. However, the users could then probably still access it via the URL.

I want to see the activities as admin, I don’t want all users to see all activities in the cloud.

These are your options to hide the app from the menu.

You can also create an app group as an admin such as “Admin Only”, add Activity app to that group, and attempt to limit user access in that way.

Ok, i know it from other apps, but here i don’t find the possibility to add the app to a special group

Hmm. Seems it is not supported. I suppose this is because it is bundled as a core app. GDPR conformity: Limit to groups option · Issue #466 · nextcloud/activity · GitHub

Question: why limit access to activity app?

Users cannot see all activities in the cloud, but only those that involve their own resources or resources that have been shared with them. In other words, they can only see activity on things they have already access to anyways.

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I have much worse problem, users can see another users file activities, even though they dont have access to these files.
I need limitations about this app ( version 2.17.0 )

I had the same issue then i contact to support through new whatsapp.

@izzetaydin @gfyyyhjhg322
Please open an own thread for your problems. Post configurations, logs and screenshots. In Nextcloud (option sharing) you can disable autocompletion of user. Maybe that is the first step to solve the problems. But maybe not.

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