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[quote=“alain, post:1, topic:26095”]
[/quote]Nextcloud (par exemple, 12.0.2)

Système d’exploitation et version raspbian stetch
Version Apache2.4.25
Version PHP (php7.1
after having installedl nextcloud automatically testd successfully a week after i had a cut of electricyte alimentation after recovery power i can not accede to nexcloud : message:
yout directory is not valid make sur that the data directory containd a"ocdata"file at its root.can not create the data folder
excuse me I’am 83 yearsold french I’am just capable to copy /pasre in a terminal Iinstalled next cloud on raspbian stretch and stored all on an external drive

Hi Alain,
Have you been able to solve this?
I am having the same issue after a power failure.

Merci bien,