Direct link, to open file with integrated application

Hi everybody,

I want make a simple thing, I believe ; but I don’t find how :frowning:
I make a MindMap complexe. So, to simplify the reading, I want to decompose it in few littles MindMap, linked. So, a master MindMap, with few html link behind, and on click, a new windows is open with an other MindMap.

My problem is : the application MindMap doesn’t open with the link. The user click and have the directory view and must click on the right file to see the good MindMap.

So, how can I make a html link, wich support to open the file with the good app integrated in the web app nextcloud ?

Thanks for your help


did you get it?
I’m facing the same issue here!

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Perhaps you search for sharing links.

Thank you for the link, @devnull, but that is for something else, as far as I can tell. It doesn’t open a file within NextCloud. I believe the problem is:

A normal direct sharing link looks like this: https://my.nextcloud.instance/f/123456

However clicking that that does not open the file, it opens the containing folder and highlights the file.

What is wanted, at least what I want and I think the original poster is looking for the same, is a link that opens the file, so that might look something like:

https://my.nextcloud.instance/f/123456?openfile=123456 (doesn’t work)

I have not found a form of a direct link that opens the target file.

Yes. I think the problem is that Nextcloud “plays” the file in the format context e.g.

pictures -> uses photo apps
mp3 -> uses player
md -> show markdown

or give the possibilty to download the file.

On other software like Tiny File Manager you can direct link the file and your browser must interpret the file extension.

Perhaps you can create an issue for showing “native”.

I believe you need to specify the program/app that you want to open the file with.

eg. if your nextcloud instance is using onlyoffice the URL to open a file is:

HOWEVER!! NextCloud Sharing is still not able to properly handle a file that has been shared with a user twice, once with edit access and once without edit access.
I’m yet to discover how to make Nextcloud show the file’s location and highlight it (the default behavior for internal links) but you can specify which instance of the file you want to open by specifying the file Path like this https://my.nextcloud.instance/index.php/apps/onlyoffice/123456?filePath=/Location/Of/The/File/FileName.docx Note: that including the FileName.ext is required for this method to take effect. If I leave out the filename the file still opens but it opens the instance that was first shared with me. If it was shared read-only then the file opens read-only.

I don’t have many photos and no music so I’m not sure which app to use for pictures or mp3 files but the md file viewer seems to be native to the files app https://my.nextcloud.instance/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/path/to/file&fileid=123456 I found this by opening the link and looking at the URL in my browser, then testing it.