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Is it possible to have a feature where you can set the shared link (of a single file) to go directly to that file. This for example if you want to include a screenshot into a forum. At this moment you can only provide the shared link, which has to be opened outside of the forum. I tried to add the ‘/download’ variable to see if that helps, but it would only trigger an actual download, and won’t show inside a forum response.

It isn’t possible at the moment, though actively being looked into for the purposes of embedding media.

Thanks Jason for the update. Maybe something similar as the download option (additional “/download” on URI) could maybe an option to incorporate it (like “/direct” or something). It would help with certain type of documents to embed them in other locations like forums.

A proper solution would have to work with a dedicated subdomain for security reasons (not realized yet):

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This should now be possible in NC13:

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Instructions for direct image preview in NC13.

  • Create a share link of photo
  • Copy share link
  • Past share link where required and append ‘/preview’

It does work as mentioned above. I assume once 13 is being released it will be noted somewhere (on the web-page) how to use this.

NC13 was already released. You are welcome to add your short description to the documentation:

addition to Just’s post; if you past the shared link in an incognito browser and then right click> Copy Image Address – that link can be used for embedding into emails, websites, etc.

It would be nice if there was an easier way to do this. An option on the share section maybe.

I wrote a couple requests related to this…

See this wiki overview

Please submit any additional requests you have on Github. :slight_smile:

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