Difficult to log in with Firefox

I struggle when logging in with Firefox. The first login is returned to the beginning without error. And the second login may be successful. If the user is unable to log in the second time, the user must delete the Firefox cache and site settings.

This is because I introduced two-factor authentication. I am not forcing the use of two-factor authentication. Some users have enabled it.
Other browsers are unlikely to have this symptom, and even if it occurs, the login will succeed the second time.

When the user can’t log in with Firefox (no cache or site settings are deleted). If the user has enabled two-factor authentication at this time, this phenomenon will not occur.

I think there is a cause in the two-factor authentication mechanism, but is there a solution?

Nextcloud 17.0.1, CentOS 7.7, PHP 7.3.11, nginx 1.14.2, Redis 5.0.2

What is the actual error?

Hi and sorry to hear of your mishap. Unfortunately, I cannot address your specific issue but want to mention that there may be issues from the Firefox side involved.

AFAIK with the recent Firefox ESR 68.2 macOS release on macOS 10.14.6 Mojave machines in our Cloud we got several issues and switched to Apple Safari 13.03 recent update which in the meantime learned to better support such web endeavours as Nextcloud, apparently. However, the same FF version on the macOS 10.12.6 Sierra machines behaves as appropriate.
This may be irrelevant to your client-side OS platform and/or certain issue.

With a header ’ Firefox ’ tag this could be good to know anyway, I hope.

There is no error. It looks just like the symptoms I had when I had problems with Redis.

We use ESR version and regular version of Firefox. Both settings are adjusted in the same way. There are PCs that are prone to occur. I don’t know the difference between it and a healthy PC. Because it looks the same. I have logged in for the second time with my personal Mac version of Firefox (60-70).

Two-Factor TOTP Provider
Disable this app. In other words, I’m fine without using two-factor authentication. Login is always successful with one login.

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That’s a workaround. If there are really issues with Firefox, we should find out why (either track it down to a Nextcloud bug or a bug in Firefox).

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You are very friendly and kind to call this a workaround. Yes indeed. Thank you.

To avoid some misunderstanding the a.m. issues with FF ESR are not with 2FA (not invented here) but are of a more general nature while accessing NC 16 web GUI and getting blank pages and non-functional page scripts apparently.
IMHO it would be good to learn the general situation with at least NC 16 and FF on macOS first and only if other people i.e. more users are aware of similar issues some trials should be started. Endeavours could be unreasonable and one with limited resources should not be looking for the needle in the haystack, I presume. However, I am open to any reasonable suggestions.

Would you agree?

Sure, if it’s a single case there could be configuration issues. But it is impossible for a project like Nextcloud to test all possible operating systems with all possible browser versions.

Fully agree. However, why not taking th opportunity and using a user forum like this and asking for some insights of a broader community?

Naturally, it would be to ask too much from Nextcloud GmbH to cover all the itsy bitsy from the big players fighting over the cake of user awareness. However, if enough users would support a call for improved quality and better compatibilty to either Mozilla or Apple (or other) sometimes things happen … or don’t. Or am I wrong?

FOSS matters.

Happy hacking.