Difficult to display files list by an account on Windows10

It is occurring in some accounts. We are mounting the nextcloud as a network drive on Windows 10. There is no problem with connection as this network drive.

I log in with problematic account.
The list is displayed normally at first. Go to the desired directory. Then, although data is originally present, the content is displayed as empty. When looking at other accounts, data is displayed without problems. I can display the list without problems even if I log in with the different account on the same PC. I can’t see it when I log in with the problem account. These states are the same even if I change the PC itself. I can’t display it when I login with a problematic account, but I can display it without problems by other accounts. In other words, the problem is in a unique account.
*There is no data using the prohibited characters in that directory.

I performed “maintenance:repair” and “files:scan” with OCC command. However, it did not improve.
Please tell me the solution.

CentOS 7.3, nginx 1.11.13, PHP 7.1, Nextcloud 12.0.3

I was able to solve it self. After changing the directory name (we didn’t use the forbidden character), it became accessible.
I don’t know why, but I think that the character code was different.