Different UI as an app/add-on?

I know I could create an app and put it on the App Store, but if I wanted to create an alternative to the NextCloud UI, could I do that? I mean, I know I could for the project and do it that way, but if I wanted it to be in the App Store and generally available to all NextCloud users…? To put it another way (for clarification), does NextCloud support the use of an alternate UI (just as it supports all manner of apps from the user community)?

Maybe ask the Design team. But you need UI change every release. Better you work direct with the programmer.

Design - Nextcloud

Thanks for the response. Where would I go to ask the design team?

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You should also be able to reimplement all the apps with your own UI. Even the menubar you could change, there is already an app that does this

I guess, small changes are possible. However, more in depth changes are more critical as the apps do not use a single version of Vue or whatever libraries. This results in a zillion different combinations that you might need to handle…

It seems rather hard to me. What changes do you have in mind?

Thank you for your answer. It’s not just the design team where you can contribute.

As a first step, I recommend that you use the Nextcloud design options and apps that are already available. You can already achieve a lot with that. You can also contribute to the various functions of Nextcloud with the help of a GitHub account. An entry point is, for example, https://github.com/nextcloud or https://apps.nextcloud.com . You are also welcome to describe what your exact goal is. Perhaps you can find corresponding approaches here in the forum.

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