Different sort results between Gallery and client app

I have a photo dated 10-20-1999. in the gallery view this shows up accurately. in the folder view there is a folder 1999 and a subfolder 10 and in that folder there is the file.

in the client app on all of my ios devices this same image shows up april 19, 2017.

if i do a file scan it does not update any of the time stamp info. what i can tell you is that this was a copy of the original photo. and i used an exif tool to make the file name the same as the original date taken.

i have lots of files that ended up with incorrect time stamps in the client view but in the OS or the folder or gallery view they are correct.

is this incorrect date some how stuck in the database some place?

if i delete a photo from the NC server and upload it back the correct date shows up.

the photos that are sorted by the incorrect date in the client app are sorted by last modified date. the gallery and folder layout is sorting by date created.

I think that Nextcloud does not use the EXIF metadata from images to sort them, but rather the filesystem modified time (mtime in Linux). You can use tools like exiftool to change the mtime to match the EXIF picture taken time. It is not super easy, but they have a good forum.


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ok… so i solved this issue… i used an EXIF tool to modify the date stamps in the file. I took the exif date stamp and wrote that to the date created and the last modified fields. now all of my photos show in the correct places for both the gallery and the client app.