Did I choose wrong provider for my nextcloud?


I started this weekend using nextcloud. I chosed a recommended provider where I have to pay a monthly amount. This is not a problem because I need a professional account.

During installation I got the message that the system is working on 32bit and that open_basedir is configured in php.ini.

After installation I see following messages (in German)


vorzunehmen: |opcache.enable=1 opcache.enable_cli=1 opcache.interned_strings_buffer=8 opcache.max_accelerated_files=10000 opcache.memory_consumption=128 opcache.save_comments=1 opcache.revalidate_freq=1|

The provider told me, that je cannot change anything, I need a root server for it. But this is something I do not need, it is too big.

Shall I change the provider or is this all the same when I book an account with 50GB?
Or are the changes not very important, that I can ignore this messages?

Thank you for your help!

The lack of a PHP memory cache is not inherently a problem. What matters is the performance of your host. If you are satisfied with it, then you’re all set.

But if it’s too slow for you, then you could consider trying a different provider.

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Trying a different one can be very funny.
So it is good when you have some time to waste.

@ [BuzzLightyear]
Tell me if you find a V-Server that runs with Nextcloud without error message
Domainfactory is not working

I try a different way, looking for a hosted Nextcloud.

There seem to be some hobby or sideline providers in the list.
“Sorry for answering so late, we were in holiday”

I’m also looking for a decent host.
Gave hostiso a try over the past week, shared, with about 50G of data. $7/month.
Everything works but it is always slow to get started, from phone or desktop.
Can’t complain at that price but I need something a bit better.


Change provider! if you can afford the expensive ones - do it. a lot of these dollar web hosting tweaks their services and you will lose functionality - no matter what you do! the harder you work to make it better, THEY are working on the back end to limit success and start itemizing fees to use nextcloud.