DICOM Viewer for NextCloud Android

I just downloaded the NextCloud android app. I am interested in viewing the DICOM images on the app but it looks like I cannot find a way to view them. If I click on the image it starts downloading. I cannot see any DICOM options as well when I go into the options when you click on 3 dots.

Maybe I am not looking properly but any information on this will be helpful.

Hi @ishan

Thanks for your interest.

It should be working with the latest versions of Android. Please make sure that you installed DICOM Viewer application firstly.

Here is the simple instructions to install/launch DICOM Viewer: https://github.com/ayselafsar/dicomviewer/wiki


Thanks for the info Aysel. I will try to update the Android version to 9; right now it is 8.

But I am still not sure how should I install the app on the NextCloud Android App. Should I install the app on Android device itself?

The instruction that you linked to are for enabling the app on the NextCloud server, and this is something which I have done. It is up and running amazingly by the way.

I mean opening it through web browser on Android. Native application does not support to open DICOM Viewer yet.