Device Password / App Password / how to delete expired / old entries

(NC 20 on OpenSuse 15.2, updated in a row for years, starting from Owncloud)

Hi all,

my /settings/user/security screen looks different from the screen described in the doc pages

Doc pages are showing separate sections for “devices” and “sessions”, whereas my Nextcloud shows just one section “Devices & Sessions”.

Plus, my main issue, sessions seems never to be disapperaring, I’ve hundreds of sessions for e.g. mobile devices, which even doesn’t exist anymore, physically.

As I want to switch all relevant accounts to 2FA, I’m in the process of defining device passwords for all needed apps/devices, like DAVx5, Nextcloud Talk on mobiles, etc.

For this, a “meaningful” overview of devices and sessions, without the old garbage, would be more than cool. Esp. if I really want to revoke anything.

Just an extract of the hundreds of records:

Unfortunately, If I perform a “delete device”, only the current record is deleted :frowning:

Any hints would be great!

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any solution yet? I have the same problem and I can’t find a suitable way to get rid of all these unnecessary entries…
I really appreciate your answer!
Best regards