Development priorities: proposed focus list

Hey everyone!

I think that the development community has wrong priorities at the moment. Very important bugs/features have not been fixed for a long time. Instead, people are working on new features. Let me explain:

I am watching the nextcloud conference videos, and people keep talking about the groupware feature of nextcloud, and how good UX is an important principle in development. IMO nextcloud doesn’t deserve to be called “groupware” because it misses vital features, and while UX is pretty good, there are some rough edges that have not been fixed in a long time. It seems to me that it is “cooler” to work on new features than fixing old ones. Maybe a reason is that you get more praise from the community for new features. Note that the issues presented here are official Nextcloud apps.
I manage a company nextcloud and a private one, and I am waiting for about two years now to switch away from google in both cases, but I can’t because the issues are not getting fixed. I can’t code myself, but I am writing bug reports.

My proposal is that:

  1. everyone throws money at the following issues via bountysouce
  2. the dev community focuses on the following issues more until they are fixed, and then turns back to developing new features
  3. if you know a developer, please make them aware of this list

(The date when the issue was opened is in brackets, so you can see the point I am trying to make. Most are from 2016, that is three years ago.)

above is the most confusing UX at the moment, please fix it
To work with nextcloud, ATM you have to manually create all cloud users in an address book and sync it by hand. When a user changes contact info in their user settings, the changes are not synced to the adress book, and there is no way for the admin to find out that there has been a change in user settings.
It is unintuitive that there are two places for contacts, top left (contacts app) and top right (cloud users)
Type “Tim Burton” in the search or when you want to share a file with somebody. You will see Tim twice, once the cloud user and once the contact. Who is the right one? Why are there two?
as noted in the "Introducing Nextcloud to NGOs – is it all technical? " lightning talk on 14.9.19, if you are using XMPP it gets even more confusing

See also this slide from the talk "Introducing Nextcloud to NGOs – is it all technical? "…if the users struggle, it means that nextcloud needs to change, not the other way round.

Thank you for the time you all put into this project, and thanks for considering my proposals.



did I post this in the wrong category?

or is nobody replying because this is a support forum, not for discussion about the Nextcloud project?

I guess that nobody is answering you because it is difficult.
You wrote something that is difficult to interact with.

I’ll try to give you some observations on your proposals, hope that helps…

Wrong according to your needs? Nextcloud keeps announcing new big clients ( , , ), so maybe the priorities are not completely wrong…
This does not mean that the points you raise could be important…

It is completely improbable that we could raise enough money via bountysource to be comparable to one small client of Nextcloud (the society). A bounty of 1000 € would be huge, yet it is probably less than half a month of salary of a developer. Your proposal is not the right way, I think…

Are you aware of the Vue rewrite of the app(s)? They are switching to Vue

They think that it will bring a more easy development and a better interface , yet this caused a lot of work not visible to the end user. It seems that we are very near to the end of this work and to the solution of some of the problems you linked to :crossed_fingers:

I’ll stop here. HTH

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Thanks for the reply and the details =)

I guess I was hoping to have a discussion with the community what the development priorities should be. It does not seem to happen, ok.