Development of a rating-application (1-5 stars, comments)

Our NPO needs a developer for a rating-application (1-5 stars) running smoothly on our Nexcloud site. We are able to pay up to 1000$ for the initial development as well 250$/year for version-updates in the future. Please reply for details.

That amount won’t allow much features to be developed.

What should the application rate?

It rates the quality of uploaded documents.

It might be possible to do something with Custom Properties - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

(Note that it’s only compatible up to NC version 24 atm)

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Did you succeed in your investigation? Did you find a solution for your problem?

Probably not really target-oriented:

You can use the very cool app Forms or not. The problem will be that you would have to create an individual survey for each “document”. I think you don’t want that.

Unfortunately, the app takes up quite a bit of screen space. If a developer of the app is reading along, perhaps options for minimizing the space could be included. Thanks.

Here are two screenshots with two questions (1-5) and one comment. Ok is perhaps not quite what was asked. But the app already exists for that. The data can be exported to CSV.

Overall, I think the app makes sense if, for example, satisfaction is to be queried independently of products or documents. In addition, it should be possible to vote as often as desired. For example, it could be quite interesting when evaluating a website, software, service or overall documents.