Details - bandwidth usage on external storage?

Hello all- I’m new to NextCloud, and I was just wondering about the technical details behind attaching external storage. When information is downloaded- Does it have to travel from external source to server before it gets relayed to the guest machine? Or does a direct download from source to guest PC happen?

I’m currently hosting my application over an AWS EC2 server, and just want to make sure i"m not duplicating bandwidth costs when I don’t need to.

It travels first to the server and then to the user.

This has the big advantage that you can use server side encryption with it and thus prevent any snooping by those external service providers (depending on the type of storage file names might not be changed by encryption though).

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I see, thanks! Unfortunately from a cost perspective on amazon’s infrastructure this might be a little dicey, since it also doubles the effective rates for transfer. (incoming data would be with a same region transfer fee of 0.02/GB instead of free, and outgoing to end user would be 0.04/GB instead of 0.02. ). Negligible for small amounts of data, costly for large volumes of data. I’m using S3 as an external source.