Desktop talk client for Linux?

I’ve been searching for a while now and come across a LOT of stuff where people as asking about this but yet no solution or I’ve not come across is yet.

Does anyone know of a talk client that works on Linux desktops?

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Hi there,

Could you specify which distro of Linux you use? I’m most familiar with Arch Linux and the Nextcloud Talk (Spreed) app is available in the Arch repositories. There are some hacky tools available to convert that to a deb or rpm or you could install from source.

Definitely not a native app, but you could also use Ungoogled-Chromium and “install” the web version of Talk as a shortcut on your desktop.

Hope this info helps a little bit. If you reply with your distro someone else might come along with more specific information.


Yes, it does. Has been stable in daily testing for some months now and remains in active development. No official release yet, but works nicely.

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In this case, I’m using Manjaro which is Arch


The only nextcloud package I could find was a syncing app and I’ll wanting to have a telegram like app on the desktop.

I looked at the gitlab link. I tried the sync app and am able to get that to work but no idea where the file/package is for the talk or how to get that to run/install.