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I am setting up NextCloud for my organization and we have 500+ locations where we will be syncing files using the Desktop Syncing app for Windows. We have around 9 accounts specific to those locations which will be used for sign-in. So 1 account will be used in to sign-in to like 50-100 locations.

Will this work? And is there a limit on number of sign-ins that can be performed using single account. Is there any configuration that needs to be changed to accomplish this?

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The desktop client itself does not see the other clients, so it’s more a question about the server. Normally, there is no limit of the total number of clients, however, usually a user connects a couple of devices, not hundreds. There is no limit in the software.

A more granular account management might come with some more advantages when it comes to error debugging or security issues (compromised passwords, ransomware, …). And you manage the permissions in these 9 specific groups.

For larger setups, we also refer to the commercial support, they have most experience with special setups and can guarantee support.


Thank you for your reply.

We use this approach as same category locations will be using same files and anyway the users have read-only access so they won’t be able to modify the files. Currently, we are using GoogleDrive and OneDrive. 1 account in OneDrive syncs only 5 computers, and GoogleDrive gets signed out and have been facing sync issues lately.

The only question that comes to my mind is whether NextCloud will be able to handle such a large number of users and sync connections.

I am currently doing a POC, if all goes as expected we might go for professional support to setup everything as we have a complex infrastructure with lot of firewalls and security.


It probably doesn’t fit their business model and/or the structure of their service might not be designed for that. In Nextcloud, you don’t have a hard limit like that.

It depends of course how many files you have and how many of them change on a regular basis. If you have 1 GB of new files every day and they sync to over 500+ locations, I let you do the math. In the old docs, they gave a few numbers about deployment recommendations, the mid-sized looks quite good for you and you could easily add another web-server:

If you run the accounts read-only, then there could be a few short-cuts (use more caching, less database servers, …).


No it doesn’t work like that. We have occasional file syncs, maybe 1 or 2 times every month and also the files are not very large. Mostly we push our point of sale upgrade files using this mechanism. They files might be 2-5GB in size. Total space required also will be approx. 20-30GB, so it’s not a very huge setup for this requirement.

Could you please guide me to correct place to discuss about enterprise support and licensing. It comes down to the budget as well, if it’s not too high, we might get it hosted on NextCloud itself, instead of going through all this hassle of installation, configuration, etc.


Ok, so you should have enough resources to handle the number of connections. And the bandwidth needed is not extremely high.

For enterprise support:
You host your Nextcloud yourself, and you get support. They don’t sell hosted packages or similar. With externally hosted stuff, I would be extremely careful with your specific requirement, they could very likely put similar limits like goole or onedrive. It might be required to adjust your setup for your needs.

Thank you, I have dropped an email and waiting for their response now.

Thank you for your continued support.


It’s been a week but so far no email received from NextCloud support. Can’t think how enterprise support will be like.

@jospoortvliet @MariusBluem Can you have a look?

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Hello @zia_g7,

I am sorry to hear that you did not get any response from our side yet. Please send me a short email to with your and your companies name and I will check this.

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Thank you, I will send you an email asap.

Thank you for informing the concerned people.

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