Desktop Sync client - Connection Closed

When using the Nextcloud Windows desktop client to sync data,. I enter the website, and it’s able to connect - it takes me to the second page of the setup, which asks for username and password. I put in the same username that I’ve successfully used to log into the site, along with the same password. I click Next. After a few seconds, I get a red error message: “Connection closed”. i get a login window, but authentication fails with correct login info. It says: “If you are prompted for your username and password but, after providing the correct credentials, authentication fails, please ensure that your authentication backend is configured properly.” - What does this mean please as I’ve been struggling for days to get this working. Everything went fine, but I installed a new instance of nextcloud on a different server and now the sync won’t work - any idea of if it’s maybe a setting in cPanel I’m missing?



I found my issueand thought it may help someone else - Just enabled PHP-FPM on the domain in CPanel and now it works! Hope you come right!