Desktop Sync as a Service/daemon

Hello All,

see title - is anyone aware of a solution to run desktop synchronizations as a service/daemon, i.e. non-interactively?

What does the “Launch on system Startup” flag in the Desktop client do? (can’t find the documentation for the NextCloud desktop client …)

Thx in advance!

No, there is a feature request for it which contains a workaround (not very nice, not sure if it still works with current clients):

That request is for OwnCloud, not sure what that means :slight_smile:

I’d also like a daemon, that way I can have an rsync target on a server (dumping data into the NextCloud data root is not supported as I found out) It would also help with my server that is accessible via VNC and keeps asking for the keyring password (I could of course disable that…). Still, a daemon would be nice. You create a server, install and start the NextCloud daemon, selectively sync some folders and in come your server maintenance scripts or other relevant data…

A real daemon does not exist as far as I know. But it is possible to sync from the command line:

owncloudcmd --silent --user --password /somefolder/somewhere/SyncThisFolder/

It only does one synchronisation and then ends.

But you could for example run it regularly from cron or wrap it in a script with a sleep(300) if you want it to run every 5 minutes.

You can check on the following website

Only problem is that it is written in Dutch but probably you can translate it with Google :wink:

Also note that the text Boxu must be replaced with nextcloud😇