Desktop sharing?

may be an OT feature, but since here we are talking about re-take control on our data, it would be a great improvement to add a “desktop sharing” functionality in nextcloud.
I consider unacceptable still using service like teamviewer to share client desktop.
No, webRTC share only browser window, not the whole desktop.
Ok, could be a bandwidth problem (overall added to underground data transfer) but together with audio and video calls (via webRTC) could make nextcloud leader in this field.

Client application that point to personalized nextcloud-desktop-sharing server that act as hub/switch to other clients, with “rooms” for remote assistance or even to internal (private network) virtualized desktop.

Too much?

I’d be reaaaaally happy if I could just use it to remote desktop my systems with the client installed. Easy, direct access for clients using the same account, and a permissions system for other accounts on the same server. All the rest seems a bit much for core features but could be good as an integration.

Spreed.Me already provides the screen sharing functionality, not remote control, but desktop sharing.

Anyway, a remote control feature being authenticated through the nextcloud desktop client would be an incredible feature. But oh my, there’s a lot of work to do for that one I guess.

edit: Spreed.Me not Collabora

Services like is able to share the whole desktop using a browser extension.

Yes, I think that is a great idea, I was just looking for such a feature… but apparently it still doesn’t exist. Maybe I should start a new discussion as this one is 6 years old…
Anyway, I came across Rustdesk, which is an open source alternative to Teamviewer and Anydesk (so no port forwarding etc required). You can run your own server, so what about intergrating the Rustdesk server in Nextcloud? Perhaps as an app?