Desktop & Mobile Clients

Would it be possible for the client to request the TwoFactor Authentication code instead of having to create a mobile key. Although the key works it becomes just another long password that users will just write down or save in unsecured places.

You could use client certificates with the upcoming client release:

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As for Android, not in the near(est) future, but it is on our agenda :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is developed by the ownCloud Team. You are welcome to help testing!
PS: 2FA via SAML IdP is part of ownCloud Enterprise Edition with full SAML/Shibboleth support in the oC mobile and desktop clients which supports this - but to get the infrastructure for the IdP up and running is PITA, typical implementation time is around 3 work days ;(

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Thank you very much all, am glad to know we’re moving forward and exited about the upcoming upgrades.

@hodyroff I’ll see if I remember my compiling skills, lol