Desktop/Mobile clients for free home user account

New here. I’m just interested in personal cloud storage, so I signed up with a free account to The Good Cloud. I’m realizing though that the synchronization between my devices may be more complicated with this third party provider. I don’t see a server address like the desktop client requires for access, and upon looking at the Desktop Client Manual, it says:

If you don’t have a Nextcloud instance and an account there, you might want to register an account with a provider … Please keep in mind that the desktop client might have built without provider support.

Am I correct in understanding that I cannot access my Good Cloud server through the Nextcloud desktop or mobile apps? What exactly are my options for easy syncing with this free home user account?

Anyone? lol

it’s possible to use the desktop client with TheGoodCloud.

The address in your browsers url bar is the one you have to enter when asked for the server address.

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Yeah… I actually tried this and it didn’t work. I thought I was doing something wrong, but maybe still am?

It gives me an error message that says “Failed to connect to [address]: Host requires authentication”

of course you need to enter your URL… not neccessarily the one given above. though it might look pretty similar.

if you want to connect to your account you need to enter the right credentials (yours!) to access your account via nextcloudclient

like this, correct?
good cloud error


Thank you!!

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