Desktop & Mobile Client

Hello I have fews question about the client.

Desktop Client:

On Mobile we can ask nextcloud to upload file and rename them or reorganize them by years and months.

This kind of features is really welcome when you have alot of files.
But I did not found how to do with the Desktop Client or the web UI.

is it possible to do it or is it only for mobile ?

About IOS Client:

The features tu upload all the file from camera roll is not always working.
And when I want to upload all the files from my phone it is too fastidious to select them on by one.

Is it possible to integrate a button to select all ? Or maybe the limitation come from IOS ?

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The mobile and the desktop client are conceptually different. The mobile client does indeed allow to upload something specifically, but the desktop client is a sync folder client where you can just use your normal file-explorer of your OS to do all what you describe.

On the web-ui there are options to upload, rename and do some basic sorting.

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I have the same situation.
There are photos on both iPhone and Mac. It will be great if i can upload and organize them in the same way (by years and months)

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I agree with you and thank you for your answer.
On long term I hope this NextCloud Hub allow us to re organize all easily.

And Unfortunately yes desktop client sound to be just good for sync…
I expected much more from a Desktop Client.

Each new update od NextCloud bring alot of thing.
on Longterm I wish more Native app for IOS and Android to be fully immerged in Nextcloud environement what ever the OS.

You can write an issue or search the issues.

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