Desktop Filesystem Integration request


I have a nxtcloud server vor years … Besides of tec nerds and a very few ppl nobody in my friend and family list is able to use the desktop client or wants to learn how to use it. So it fails its job.

What everybody wants and knows to uses are webdrives.

There was an attempt to do this for nextcloud but it was abandoned. Thats imho a mistake. Nextcloud introduces Virtual Drive in Desktop Client to simplify desktop integration - Nextcloud

I googled and found GitHub - viciousviper/DokanCloudFS: A virtual filesystem for various publicly accessible Cloud storage services on the Microsoft Windows platform.
based on dokany

So the Feature request is a normal user friendly integration as a drive in any modern OS.

This is what 99% of users i know want. Making this happen would greatly increase adoption.

Thx for your hard work

//edit i tried cyberduck wasnt accepted and or used by users …
also webdav is very slow even in local network.

It seems, that I am the 1%, who does not need this :wink:

I do not see more benefit in the use of a webdrive. The NC desktop client syncs the changes and nobody is forced to use all its benefits. - Just install it and let it work in the background.
What will you do, if the webdrive just is not available and you need access to your data?

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Well the problem is the the “normal” user in my experience is willing to put in max 10 min of effort and if it doesnt work they dont use it …

Example: my dad was clicking away an “error” window in an app for i dunno 2+ years … instead of reading it once and click on ok instead of abort … and that is common.

Imho that is a solid +60% of “normal” users …

Just look at idrive gdrive dropbox onedrive clients how easy are the to use in comparison …

  1. Install
  2. username pswd
  3. Open explorer click on drive it just works …

The RTFM attitude is not helping in the real world sadly.

Im writing this because i want more ppl to use nextcloud instead of big corp stealing metadata and miss use their oligopolies.

And for that to happen software needs to overcome the “convenience” user

I hope someone is mumbling “challenge accepted” now XD

k thx

Mkay… over the years i got it … this project need to fork again …
Its community is no longer open to the needs of normal ppl.

its gone into bloatware status …
For at least 5 years now there is nothing new or better for me with updates.

Performance from server to client is okay for a software from 1990 with a dial up connection - runs on 10gbe home lan though … just bad.
And the devs dont listen or care in my opinion from reading here for years …
Since nobody of the project leadership cares anymore to innovate im gone now …
Going back to seafile … it just works.